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    By JUAN CARLOS LLORCA – 44 minutes agoGUATEMALA CITY (AP) — A slain lawyer's taped accusations that the president wanted him dead threaten to topple Guatemala's first leftist government in more than 50 years and have sharpened the political divide between rich and poor...Colom says ...
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    I just read Juan Carlos Llorca's story, "Mexico drug cartel's grenades from Guatemalan army" and all I can do is pick up my jaw as it drops at the sheer numbers of Guatemalan owned guns in the ...
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    Authorities arrested Guatemala's anti-drug czar and national police chief Tuesday in a case involving stolen cocaine and slain police, acting just two days before U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrives to discuss the drug war.
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    International adoptions will resume in Guatemala this June after a nearly two-year suspension prompted by the discovery that some babies were being sold, officials announced Wednesday.
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    An American doctor living in Guatemala was convicted of sexually abusing four 10-year-old boys and sentenced to six years in prison Monday.
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    The sun emerged Monday in hardest-hit Guatemala, where official counts reported 108 dead and 53 missing. In the department of Chimaltenango — a province west of Guatemala City — landslides buried dozens of rural Indian communities and killed at least 60 people, Gov. Erick de Leon said.

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