• Maya women's rights activist murdered in Guatemala
    An ethnic Maya woman who advocated for the rights of indigenous people was gunned down by unknown assailants in western Guatemala, her support network and local media said Saturday.
  • Special forces presence at anti-graft protest angers Guatemalans
    Guatemala deployed members of the feared Kaibil special forces unit on Wednesday to stop protesters from interrupting a session of parliament, triggering anger among opposition leaders who say President Jimmy Morales is using the military to cow critics.  
  • Delay in the Maya Achí Sexual Violence Case
    Another groundbreaking sexual violence case in Guatemala that had been due to enter evidentiary hearings on August 24 has been postponed to October for unclear reasons. The delay in this grave crimes case follows the recent decision to postpone the Dos Erres massacre case to 2021 after Guatemala’s Supreme Court failed to properly constitute the relevant trial court.
  • Guatemala at risk of a coup, Call or Write Congress
    The threat of an auto-coup has been in the air since President Jimmy Morales convoked a press conference on August 31 to announce he would not renew the mandate of the United Nations-sponsored International Commission Against Impunity (CICIG).  He stood amidst dozens of fatigue-clad military officers and CICIG's offices were surrounded with military jeeps. 
  • HablaGuate
    Hay manifestaciones planificadas para iniciar hoy a las 3:00 p.m., frente al Palacio Nacional en la Zona 1.  Las operaciones de la Embajada de Estados Unidos permanecen regulares, a no ser que se anuncie lo contrario.
  • HablaGuate
    Protests are scheduled to occur today at Constitutional Plaza, CICIG, and possibly Parque Central in Antigua, following President Jimmy Morales’ announcement that the government of Guatemala will not renew the mandate of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG).  U.S. Embassy operations are normal unless otherwise announced.
  • Berta Caceres' murder trial to begin
    GHRC and our partners in Guatemala are very concerned that justice be served for the murder of Berta Caceres, the Honduran indigenous rights defender who was murdered in her home the evening of March 2, 2016.  Her case is a paradigmatic case for the region, and shares many similarities with land and indigenous rights defenders killed in Guatemala.  In fact, Guatemalan legal and human rights experts have shared their experience with Berta's organization COPINH to support their struggle for justice. 
  • HablaGuate
    PeaceJam is an International Education Program that unifies Nobel Peace Laureates with children through service learning. The program’s outlook centers around several fundamental goals, among them a commitment to social justice, increased academic performance, and, above all, cross-cultural communication and appreciation for human diversity. The Laureates’ lived experiences, which are reinterpreted through the eyes of local K-12 youth, fosters culturally-responsive pedagogy to get at the heart of social issues. 
  • Antigua 10x Festival
    Antigua10X brings together leaders, thinkers, change-makers, advocates and entrepreneurs who live to make 10X impact a reality. Three areas of impact will be explored: Learning, Community and Business.
  • Hope Fading for Guatemalan Spring
    The high hopes created by Guatemala’s peaceful, democratic change of government last year are hitting the shoals of reality.  Guatemalans managed a major political crisis in 2015 in an exemplary way: massive citizen demonstrations against authorities accused of corruption lasted four months without a single incident of violence.  

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