Oct 13, 2018

Hiking in Solidarity with Central American Youth

We're just one week away from our hike in Solidarity with Central American Youth and are just about $200 shy of our fundraising goal for SERES. SERES cultivates and catalyzes youth leaders to create just and sustainable communities in Central America. This year, the funds from this hike will contribute to an important new initiative called Pathways to Resilience that will support a special cohort of youth leaders living in temporary camps after their homes and communities were destroyed by the volcanic eruption in June.

This initiative engages young people from the impacted area to play a key role in designing and implementing community projects for the transitional shelter camps as well as their new homes. Your gift will make a real difference to the youth leaders of SERES.

Click here to make a donation to SERES and to read the full event description.

And check out the Solidarity Hike Facebook page to learn more about the other organizations that hikers are supporting in Honduras and in the Pioneer Valley.

As always, many thanks for your support.

Un Abrazo,


Cell: 860-459-7428

With beauty before me, may I walk  
With beauty behind me, may I walk  
With beauty above me, may I walk
With beauty below me, may I walk
With beauty all around me, may I walk
Wandering on the trail of beauty, may I walk
-  Navajo: Walking Meditation


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