Sep 25, 2018

New book: Guardians of the Arts by Marilyn Anderson

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I am pleased to share my newest book: Guardianes De Las Artes: grabados de artistas y artesanos de Guatemala / Guardians of the Arts: Prints of Guatemalan Artists and Artisans
My goal in producing this book is to call attention to and increase honor and respect for the artists and artisans of Guatemala. Their production is a a vital part of traditional culture yet it is not always considered to be the treasure that it is. It can be said, however, that the work of Mayan weavers, along with being traditional clothing, is also symbolic even emblematic of Guatemala.
My book contains reproductions of forty three wood and linoleum prints depicting artisanal activities.. Each has an extended bilingual caption in Spanish and English which describe techniques, treats the various uses of the arts and crafts along with historic background and their place in today’s world. It also includes twenty five drawings and gives further context with five short essays.
Guardianes De Las Artes / Guardians of the Arts was edited, designed and printed in Guatemala by Ediciones Del Pensativo, Antigua Guatemala. I shipped a number of books to the US and sell them in some bookstores and directly from my website
Contact me, Marilyn Anderson, if interested in an exhibit of framed prints as shown in the book. Email:


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