Jun 10, 2009

One woman's fear in the fight against corruption in Guatemala - CNN.com

LONDON, England (CNN) -- It was Anabella De León's frail 86-year-old mother who answered the door when the men came knocking. "They told her, 'say to Anabella that we are going to kill her very soon,'" De León told CNN. The visit left her mother crying, anxious and shocked.
Congresswoman Anabella de Leon with her husband in London for a performance of "Seven" by Vital Voices.That was four months ago. No attempt on her life has been made, De León said, but she still looks over her shoulder, takes alternative routes in her car, constantly checking that she's not being followed.

Anabella De León is not well known outside Guatemala. Within the Central American country though, she has made headlines as an outspoken critic of corruption. She's serving her fourth term in Congress as a member of the Patriotic Party, which last weekend elected her to one of its top posts of Third National Secretary.

The death threats are not new. Since 2002, she's been protected by at least one security guard on request from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Her 26-year-old son is also shadowed by a security guard; a precautionary move in response to earlier threats connected to De León's anti-corruption efforts. READ MORE.


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