Oct 19, 2012

Eclectic cultures are Reflected in the Cuisine options Available to you in this part of Town

Often misconstrued as being a district, Knightsbridge refers to the road in one of the most high-class areas of London. Stretching from Hyde Park Corner across the City of Westminster, it remains one of the most expensive places in the city. An exclusive district in London, it is probably one of the most expensive areas of real estate in the world, both residential and commercial. This is only cemented by the close proximity to the posh boutiques and incredibly upmarket department store known as Harrods. Known around the world as a super posh place, only to be frequented by the elite, it is often visited by royalty from all around the world. It is quickly gaining the nickname of mini Arabia because of the abundance of princes that hail from that part of the world that have seemingly set up residence in this part of town.

 Because of the eclectic mix of nationalities, the restaurants surely reflect this and there is such a diverse range of cuisine, most notably Al Sultan, which specialises in Middle Eastern, most notably Lebanese, cuisine. Bucking the trend of incredibly expensive eateries in this area of town, Al Sultan is a beautifully decorated and exceptionally well-serviced restaurant in the heart of Green Park. Though small, it is often rammed with happy diners, and has done for many years now. The bonus of visiting a family-run restaurant is the attention to detail that can all too easily be lost on the big bosses who are more concerned with the profits than ensuring good customer service and sensational food. Let’s be honest, there are often times when you have visited a very well-known bistro, only to be served cold appetisers, or inedible mains, but would go back because it’s just how it goes. With the lesser-known franchises, perhaps a stand alone as is the case with Al Sultan, you won’t return if you have a bad experience. So the folks over at the greatest Lebanese restaurant in the city ensure you never do. They cater for any guest and his pick of the girls from the selection over at Knightsbridge escorts. The wine list is to die for and the meals to salivate for. This is the place of Middle Eastern delights, for sure.

If you don’t fancy the idea of sitting down for a whole meal with a partner, perhaps the idea of spending the entirety of your date in a public place when you could be enjoying a private rendezvous seems like a waste of time, then we have the ideal place for you. Bar Boulud, whilst marketed as a French bistro, is absolutely ideal for a glass of wine at their legendary wine bar. With plenty of nibbles available, there is an incredible choice of drinks. Just make sure to have plenty of water, as well. There’s nothing less attractive than a dribbling man.

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